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Located in the heart of paris, this old building consists of four studios that have been completely renovated and transformed into a loft by Carlos Pujol of Carlos I Designer, the designer and interior architect that everyone is talking about at the moment. A native of barcelona, Carlos is now based in Paris and travels the world to assist business and residential customers in their projects for hotels, restaurants, bars, houses and apartments.

The roof and frame were completely demolished to create a raised housing complete with an office and terrace. The building originally circled around 160 square meters of land, but after being refurbished, the hip and trendy estate now offers a surface area of 300 square meters with 50 square meter terrace. With regard to the exposure of the building, the bedrooms and bathrooms were placed on the first floor, while the living room and kitchen were designed on the second floor, and the office and terrace took place on the third floor. As is customary in Hispanic countries, living rooms were built at higher levels to benefit from maximum brightness. At each level, the walls were shot to reengineer spaces. Metal lintels were installed to support the structure. The flooring was removed and replaced with underfloor heating. Much of the wall surface was stripped to bring back the original bricks. These were then sanded, cleaned and stabilized with a matt varnish spray that offers a cozy look while maintaining the spirit of an underground hub. The entrance was decorated in mahogany and colored white chocolate. There, décor is fresh and natural: Wood trunks serve as natural hangers and bedside lamps provide exquisitely soft lighting. In terms of the staircase; it was worked into the design in a fun way as each step adds a color to the whole scheme. As mentioned before, the first level has four bedrooms, one with an ensuite bathroom, a laundry room and a separate bathroom. The latter is decorated in black and white, invoking a baroque spirit. The central chandelier lighting brings charm as its reading-glasses consistency is unusual and unique. The master bedroom has a shower with chromotherapy clad aluminum tiles and apart from the central island and the mirror, all the furniture was designed by Carlos. Carlos created many designs to decorate the house. Such as the "eye shine" that sits in the living room. It consists of goggles unearthed at Emmaus, a metal frame and a lamp. The result is unique: The lights are reflected through the glasses as a disco ball and Iend a charming ambience to the lounge. The terrace was, from the beginning, an essential element of the project. It squares off 50 square meters built on a siding and a wooden floor. Simultaneously, it offers a pleasant and natural environment for relaxation. It’s the true place of creation. The furniture has been designed to measure, including a work table that combined two tables on castors and an office desk representing an airplane wing. The ceiling hosts a fun and wacky scenario where Superman propels a boar stuffed into the wall !


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