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Bubble Brillance

An Innovative Installation Pays Homage to Champagne

Carlos Pujol’s champagnotheque puts the focus on the very finest of France’s most popular export: champagne. Eschewing famed brands for the very best, this is every wine lover’s dream. Showcasing the best champagnes in the world, Carlos Pujol’s installation brings a sense of stylish fun to the Club des Tresors de Champagne in Paris. Information is presented in a fun, intriguing manner and it’s very much about the famed, bubbly drink.

On behalf of the Club des Trésors de Champagne, Carlos Pujol recently designed one of the world’s largest champagnotheques in Boulingrin in Reims. The installation serves to highlight terroir champagnes cultivated by passionate and demanding winemakers and has become known as The Beautiful Bubble.

The Club Trésors is made up of 28 artisan wine makers, selected from the finest areas of the Champagne region, each house has been recognized for their special skills and talent. Each wine maker creates their champagnes entirely in their own premises and cellars and the champagne must be made exclusively from grapes harvested in their own vineyards.

Directly above each grower's geographical location in the district of Champagne is a descriptive magnum on a pulley, allowing the visitors to explore and learn the genesis of each champagne house. On the floor sits a map, highlighting the position of each house. Along with a ceiling adorned with illuminated bottles, decorative panels, tapestries and customized furniture, the entire display was designed to allow guests to fully understand the philosophy of the Club des Trésors de Champagne before enjoying the incredible wines. A stunning homage to this most famous of wines, Pujol’s creation is nothing less than a shining tribute to the world’s most recognizable and celebrated drink.